For us at NATIVU our commitment to our clients is extremely important. This is why we want to show you all the ways we help you get your property advertised, promoted and sold.

1. Advisors per Area

Our advisors live in the area they represent. This allows them to have a wide knowledge of the area and the benefits of living on it. They can provide you with a lot of information regarding amenities, and give you a great idea of ​​what it’s like to reside there – since they do it themselves!

Also living in the area they represent allows them to carry out an extensive study of the market there. Providing you with accurate information such as the price per square meter, the type of real estate market, the level of competition in the area, and more.

2. Constant Training

Part of our manifesto states that we own our growth. This is why at NATIVU our entire team and our advisors are in constant training. This is to be able to provide you with the best advice, efficient negotiation, and guide you on tax issues and others.

3. Our own Marketing & Media Center Team

We have our own marketing team that is executing and designing new strategies daily to get your property sold. They are also responsible for generating audiovisual and digital content that makes your property look visually attractive to the audience on our different platforms.

4. Exclusive Pages by Zone & Property

Within our website we have an exclusive segment per area. This helps focus customers and bring them to your property. In social networks we also have a profile for each NATIVU area. This is in order to increase the exposure of each of these and also the traffic to the website.

For your property we also have an exclusive page with all the necessary information, within our website. This is carefully designed by our previously mentioned media and marketing team. Photos are taken by the advisors and edited by professionals, promotional videos are made, and all information regarding the house are part of what can be found on the page that NATIVU provides to help with the property sale.

5. Our Own Blog!

NATIVU has its own blog in order to generate more traffic to the website. This covers topics related to real estate, home and design, economy, and community.
To produce content on the blog we have a team of Seekers who work under a marketing strategy, that seeks to create greater visibility for the company and build a bridge -which is the blog- between people and the NATIVU website.

6. Filter Process

We have a filters system that streamlines the purchase process. In this we analyze several factors of the potential buyer to validate that it is someone who can actually acquire this property. Helping us to better invest our time and resources.

7. Great Visibility

As part of our marketing strategy, NATIVU is always generating guidelines in different channels, digital or print, to improve the notoriety of properties. We are also constantly working to appear first in search engines using SEO, giving you and your property a faster sale.
Additionally, NATIVU is also part of an international real estate network with a presence in more than 70 countries, giving your property international visibility!

8.Alliances and International Networks

Our consultants work in conjunction with external brokers to maximize the number of clients for your property. In addition to that, we also have our own strategic allies by area to help you sell your property.

At NATIVU we focus on efficiently using our time, resources and energy to meet the client objectives and help people live happy and invest wisely.