New Trend: Downsizing

Downsizing is a term that is becoming increasingly popular in the real estate market. Going from living in a house to an apartment can be a very good option for all the benefits they bring; however, size can be a deciding factor. Taking the step can bring many changes, starting with the amount of things that we will bring to each space.

What is Downsizing?

The change can be complicated at the beginning, because we usually accumulate too much, however what is sought with downsizing is to find the benefits of reducing our belongings when moving from a house to an apartment. In other words, get rid of what is not essential and start a new life, saving time and money.

Tower apartments are a trend; they offer many benefits and amenities. This type of real estate model offers advantages such as that its maintenance is cheaper, provides greater security, amenities, accessible locations, organized communities … But the greatest advantage is that invites us to live with fewer things, creating more pleasant and free spaces.

Benefits of Downsizing

  • Less expenses = More money: Living in smaller spaces is generally less expensive. Instead of having to spend a lot of money buying objects to decorate and fill spaces, all that investment can go to things that give us more pleasure and even long-term savings can be made.

  • Less clutter: moving to an apartment gives a new lease of life; start in a tidy place, with less furniture, objects and belongings. Having too many things can quickly turn into purposeless clutter. Ditching the unnecessary and starting to live an orderly life can even relieve stress.

  • More time: Smaller houses require less cleaning time. Instead of spending time dusting shelves and vacuuming rugs, mowing lawns, and watering gardens, you can now spend that time elsewhere, doing exciting and less boring things.

  • Less utility costs: Water and electricity are basic services and on which we practically depend. Living in an apartment uses fewer services than in larger spaces. Resulting in notable reductions in bills and insurance. We also help the environment, by consuming consciously and not using water and electricity indiscriminately.

Less is more!

Making a decision like this is part of a great process. On issues like these, we must plan for the future, taking into account the type of life we want to have. The benefits of switching to this model are becoming more and more popular, because by living in smaller properties, we can invest more in our lifestyle outside the home.

Each family is different, the most important thing is to make sure you choose the home that best suits your needs. Investing in a minimalist, conscious and calm life is the new way of living. Rather than worry about maintaining a large property, by downsizing we reduce hassle, expense and stress. This lifestyle brings benefits not only for the pocket but for the tranquility and mental health of those who practice it.

If you are in doubt about living in an apartment, this is the signal for you to do so!

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