In recent years, the east of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) in  San José, Costa Rica, has experienced significant real estate and commercial growth, especially in Curridabat. This area has become one of the most attractive for investment due to its strategic location, its high level of urban development and its proximity to important business and commercial centers.

Investing in the east of the GAM can be an excellent opportunity for those looking to invest in real estate.  The demand for homes and apartments in this area is constantly growing due to its  strategic location, its high level of urban development and  its proximity to important business and commercial centers. 

Mauricio Castillo, Nativu Este Advisor

Commercial and Real Estate Development in East GAM

One of the highlights is the construction of  modern shopping centers that have promoted jobs and the economic activity in the area, including spaces for small entrepreneurs who want to make themselves known. One of the main characteristics of the developments in the area is the integration of the nature which attracts a lot of attention for standing out in the middle of the city.

In addition, the real estate sector has also experienced significant growth in Curridabat. In recent years, numerous apartment buildings and condominiums have been built offering a wide variety of housing options for different segments of the population. This has generated an increased demand for services such as public transport, security and basic services, which in turn has boosted the development of the area.

Another important aspect is investment in road infrastructure. In recent years, major road and  bridge construction and improvement projects have been carried out which has significantly improved the connectivity of the area with other parts of the city. This has allowed for a greater flow of traffic and  facilitated access to the area for residents, visitors and workers. 

The trends in the eastern area come hand in hand with nature. The investment sector, unlike other areas of the GAM, seeks to create integrated spaces where luxury finishes are present but making the most of the characteristic nature of the area. For both commercial and real estate, green areas, gardens and recreational spaces are indispensable elements.

Mauricio Castillo, Nativu Este advisor

How to invest in the east of the GAM?

One way to  invest in the area is through properties for sale or rent. There are several options, from small apartments to luxury condominiums, that can be attractive to different segments of the population. In addition, construction of new projects and  the improvement of road infrastructure in the area can be an important factor in increasing property values and generating greater long-term profitability. If you buy the properties in the development stage, you can save a lot of money!

Another investment option could be in the commercial sector, either through commercial premises or in your own businesses that take advantage of the potential of the area.

In short, investing in the East GAM area can be a profitable and attractive option for those looking to invest in the real estate or commercial market. To know the best investment options in the area, do not hesitate to contact our specialized advisors.