Just an hour from San Jose,  Crater of La Olla has become the perfect place for a Sunday walk. Located in Santa Rosa of Cartago, hundreds of people seek to clear themselves from the city and spend a day surrounded by nature in a green, fresh and safe space for the whole family.

This peculiar crater is extinct and belongs to the Irazu Volcano;  If you visit it in the rainy season you will find it full of water and you will have the joy of exploring a beautiful volcanic lagoon surrounded by beautiful pastures where you can appreciate a beautiful sunset if weather conditions allow it.

La Olla Crater,  Pasqui Hill

Access to the area where the crater is located is accessible to all vehicles, however depending on the season it can be difficult for low cars.

The site has secure parking and upon entering must be paid 2000 colones per person. Once on the property you can walk without any problem, becoming a suitable place for all people in the family, including seniors and fortunately pets who are also welcome!

The property has public toilets and  is perfect for taking something tasty to eat and sitting in the meadows around the crater. You can hike around to explore the area and even visit other tourist spots such as Cerro Pasqui, Irazu Volcano, Sanatorio, Prusia  and the beautiful and picturesque villages that are around such as Santa Rosa, San José de Chicúa and Tierra Blanca.

Anywhere you can enjoy delicious coffee, a good soup, a tortilla con queso and much more! All made with local artisanal ingredients. It is a win-win as it enjoys delicious food while supporting local producers.

In the facebook of the Crater La Olla you can stay updated on the weather conditions, when it is recommended to visit and how many coats you should bring to spend a pleasant time.

In addition, walks are organized for beginners and amateurs through different private farms where you can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna that  lives between the mountains and explore places that are not regularly open to the public.

The nature in Cartago is one of the most surprising and little explored in Costa Rica, in this area are the highest points of the country providing cold and  cloud forests  inhabited by many  local plants and animals. If cool weather and hot coffee are your thing, we invite you to visit our catalog  of properties in the province of Cartago.