Costa Rica is an incredible tourist destination, full of nature, biodiversity and pura vida!  Therefore, more and more foreigners decide to move and start a new life in this tropical Central American country.

From natural landscapes to taxes, Costa Rica offers multiple benefits for those who choose to move and enjoy the good life. Some of the benefits of moving to Costa Rica are:

The Real Estate Market

The real estate market in the country is stable, with projects focused on sustainability and moderns designs in constant development. Options range from luxurious beachfront homes, to apartment towers overlooking the city. There are properties for every taste and budget.

Depending on what they are looking for, foreigners can choose to invest in a productive farms of for ecotourism, developing self-sustaining activities that not only return the investment in a short time but generate profit.

There are properties designed for those who are digital nomads, for families, near high-end schools or for retirees that are looking for a quieter space in the middle of the mountain.

In short, the options are endless and with the help of our specialized advisors, we facilitate the process of moving to the property you always dreamed of here in Costa Rica, obtaining the best brokerage service.


  • Retirees: This residence is designed for those who wish to move to Costa Rica after retirement. They must have an income of at least $1000 per month from abroad, whether from a government company, retirement plans or social security. Applicants to this residency cannot work in Costa Rica, but they can own a company and receive dividends from it. Pension income is exempt from tax.
  • Fixed income (rentistas): To obtain this residence, you must make a deposit of $60,000 USD which will become 24 certificates of $2,500 USD that will be deposited in your Costa Rican bank account each month. For this modality, you must be in the country for at least one year (without being an employee of a Costa Rican company), renewing the residence every 24 months, declaring your fixed income according to the migration requirements. You can own a company and receive dividends from it. You can apply for permanent residence after 3 years.

  • Investors: Investment includes the purchase of a property or business of any kind, or investment in other qualified government-approved enterprises, such as projects of national interest or reforestation. The minimum investment should be $ 150,000 (reduced in 2021 from $ 200,000), in case of reforestation projects, the investment can be reduced up to $ 100,000. This residence is valid for two years renewable and with the possibility of applying for permanent residence after 3 years.

  • Other residences: If you are married to a Costa Rican citizen, you can opt for a residence if your marriage is registered in the National Registry of Costa Rica. In addition, if you have a child in Costa Rica, at birth, he will have Costa Rican nationality and you as a father/mother, can opt for residence in this modality.

It is important to know the specific requirements of each of the residency options before moving. In Costa Rica, you can opt for a permanent residence after 3 years in the country, however, it is necessary to meet some requirements. If you want to know more about this, you can contact the Dirección de Migración y Extranjería or the embassy of your country based in Costa Rica.

Taxes & exemptions

Costa Rica also exempts from certain taxes those who decide to invest and move. For example, it does not tax the income of foreign retirees and relieves those who move from tax burdens, allowing that on the first trip in which they bring all their belongings, including appliances, cars and other movable property, it is tax-free when entering the country.

Recently, a law was approved (Law 9996) that grants specific benefits to those who have the country as their destination.

The “Digital Nomad Visa” is part of a new category of stay that seeks to attract remote workers to the country, providing legal security and incentives to those foreigners and companies that choose Costa Rica as their headquarters.

This law will grant one-year permits in Costa Rica for skilled remote workers. The Digital Nomad Visa is granted for one year, renewable for an additional year if the beneficiary has remained in the country for a minimum of 180 days

Cultural affluence & biodiversity

Costa Rica accounts for more than 5% of the world’s total biodiversity. In the country, the love and respect for nature, quiet life and the culture of pura vida unite communities of expats, tourists and nomads from all over the world. The cultural richness, the benefits to foreigners and the projects in constant development make this country the perfect destination to invest and live, surrounded by culture and a lifestyle that is not found in another part of the world.

The beauty in the simple when watching a sunset in the sea, taking a walk in the middle of the forest or even visiting wild animal sanctuaries are daily life in this incredible country. 

If you are interested in knowing about excellent real estate investment options, such as productive farms, mountain houses, properties overlooking the sea or in the heart of the city, do not hesitate to contact our specialized advisors, willing to help you and give you the best advice at each stage of the process of moving to Costa Rica.