Guía en el Pacífico Central

The Central Pacific coast in Costa Rica is one of the most attractive areas of the country. Thanks to its privileged location with the closest beaches to the capital. Close to the main airport and all the amenities of the city, this area is home to a multicultural community that loves surfing and the good life.

The real estate market on the Central Pacific Coast has been steadily growing, driven largely by demand for vacation and investment properties.

From beachfront condominiums to mountain homes, this area stands out for having a wide and varied portfolio, as well as being home to people from all over the world who discover paradise here in Costa Rica.

Luciano Riggioni , Pacific Coast Advisor

Our office covers the areas of Manuel Antonio, Dominical and Uvita. In addition to well-known areas such as: Los Sueños, Herradura, Jacó, Hermosa, Bejuco, Esterillos and Carara.

Get to Know the Central Pacific: a Guide in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is the name given to the National Park most sought after by tourists and ticos as it offers a unique combination of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, dense rainforest and impressive biodiversity.

The surroundings of the park have grown thanks to the great movement it experiences throughout the year. Becoming  the main tourist attraction in the country as far as ecotourism is concerned.

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This has established a solid real estate portfolio with luxury properties, houses, condominiums and even interesting commercial investments including hotels, resorts, restaurants, a marina and all the amenities you can think of.

This gem is located in Quepos, a coastal town south of Manuel Antonio. It has  a world-class marina, shipyard, and commercial development, in a spectacular natural environment and with a lot of gastronomic offerings. It also hosts international sport fishing tournaments and other important events such as the final of the Costa Rica Triathlon Series.


Dominical Beach is located near the beautiful Barú River, and surrounded by attractions such as waterfalls, mountains and sea views. Recognized for being one of the best places to surf.

Its consistent waves throughout the year attract surfers from all over the world, from beginners to experts. Even the Costa Rican National Surf Circuit usually has a date in this paradise.

Pacifico Central Guide

Dominical has attracted an international community of expats, surfers, and nature lovers. This has resulted in a multicultural atmosphere and an ever-growing mix of culinary and cultural influences. Investments in this location continue to grow significantly.

Next door we can find Dominicalito Beach, with a unique beauty. This beautiful beach is more convenient for sunbathers or people who want to snorkel.

As if that were not enough, Dominical has  access with an excellent street to places such as San Isidro, Nauyaca, Diamante and Chirripó.


Uvita is a magical place, recognized by the Marino Ballena National Park, which features a scenic bay, where visitors can enjoy pristine beaches and go snorkeling or scuba diving. Uvita is also famous for its natural formation on the coast that resembles a whale’s tail, visible at low tide. Accordingly, this place is renowned for humpback whale sightings during the second half of the year.

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In terms of real estate, this place has experienced particular growth, both near the coast and in the mountains. It stands out in the field of eco-resorts, traditional Tico-style homes and modern luxury villas overlooking the ocean. Thanks to the increase in its popularity as a tourist area with the presence of an active international community.

Ojochal is a small town located south of Uvita and is known for its diverse food scene. The area is green and lush, with hills offering stunning views of the ocean.

Herradura & Los Sueños

Herradura, located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, has become a prime real estate destination due to its strategic location near the Pacifica Fernandez Highway, the AutoMercado, gas stations, and a variety of high-quality restaurants and services. In addition to its attractive geographical position, Herradura has a luxury marina and an international golf course, making it a highly desirable location for investors and residents.

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Los Sueños Resort & Marina also offers a golf course and exclusive accommodations, from villas to beachfront properties. With world-class amenities such as gourmet restaurants, spas and swimming pools. The resort attracts both residents and tourists, adding sophistication to this growing Costa Rican community.

The region has seen significant growth in recent years, reflected in the development of modern infrastructure and public services, making it an ideal location for families, retirees, and anyone who values comfort and convenience. When investing in Herradura, it is essential  to work with  a reliable real estate agent to secure a smart investment in this thriving and well-connected Costa Rican enclave.


The Carara area has an incomparable value and that is the National Park that bears its name. It is a mountainous area overlooking the sea and a valley that supports the mouth of the Tarcoles River.

The area is really impressive in terms of biodiversity, it is a magical and powerful place that is in real estate growth. Carara is especially known for its impressive bird population. It is the perfect destination for those who want to experience the richness of Costa Rican wildlife and explore a pure tropical forest ecosystem.

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Jaco Beach

The most developed coastal tourist area in the Central Pacific. With a range of services like no other small town in the country. Jacó is recognized for being a  major surfing attraction. The community around the sport is a force and establishes many of the principles of the community’s behavior and ethics.

There are some experiences that are worth mentioning such as: the plant-based restaurant SER, the cafeteria La Artesanal, Café Bohío and Jerah.  The nightlife offer is also an attraction for many tourists who are looking for entertainment and prefer to go out when the sun has gone down.

Central Pacific Guide-Guia Pacífico Central

Hermosa Beach

Between Jacó and Hermosa we find a breathtaking view of the ocean, from the road. Precisely to get to a well-known surfer settlement and an  “International Surf Reserve”, “The National Surf Stadium”: Hermosa Beach in Garabito. We are talking about at least 10 different reference points for surfing.

As far as waves are concerned, the place can be strong, however, it is a much quieter area than Jacó. The rhythm of life changes just a beach away, but it still has a community united by surfing. There are places we recommend you experience: ShoKunin Sushi, Terrazas restaurant, Bowies, Vida Hermosa and Sunny’s Bowls.

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In Playa Hermosa you will find traditional style homes, condominiums and hotels. In addition to  large real estate projects with internal lakes, equine fields and other unique amenities in the area. The growth that Hermosa is experiencing next to Jacó is clear.

It’s worth noting that “Hermosa” is a name that can be found on other beaches in the country, so always check the map to know it’s in the right direction.


Esterillos Beach is another paradise for surfing and settlements of local and foreigners. It has three distinct segments known as: Esterillos Oeste, Esterillos Centro and Esterillos Este. While it is true that they are very similar, you can also feel the personality of each one.

Like Playa Hermosa, they have places reserved for the arrival of sea turtles that lay their eggs in the sand. There are places worth to mention: La Sirena, Los Almendros restaurant, Encantada.

Guia en el Pacífico

Bejuco Beach

Playa Bejuco is the place with the highest growth after Jacó in recent years. We are talking about segments of houses, townhouses, studios, and luxury homes that converge in the same place.

Known for its beautiful palm tree landscapes, expansive beach, and surfing waves, Playa Bejuco offers a major settlement of Costa Ricans and expats. This has attracted supermarkets, commercial premises, services and restaurants.

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Allowing real estate investment  to continue to grow at a considerable pace both on the coast and on the hills overlooking the ocean.

The range of investment options is very interesting. Valuable for real estate diversification in a large coastal region that shares regions with different personalities.

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