Cartago is a hard-working community that gets up every day to build their dreams. That’s why in this article of #GentedeCartago we tell you the story of Isabella and Lorna Román; two sisters who own Nono Coffee & Garden, a business that has grown thanks to love, hard work, and family support.

Nóno Coffee & Garden: family’s dream

Isabella and Lorna Román inaugurated Nono on April 7, 2016. The story begins with the support of two parents who never stopped working to help their daughters fulfill their dreams.

Despite the obstacles (such as the closure of the place where they started and the arrival of the pandemic), these sisters and their family have been able to put all their knowledge and courage into a dream that step by step has become a great success. To get their business going, they started working on demand, while they managed to settle somewhere open to the public.

Nono is an example of perseverance and family support and that if things are done with love (as their motto says) you can succeed.

Star products: Torta chilena and pastries

Nono’s star product is the Chilean cake; They go so fast that you have to order! In addition, Lorna prepares her famous cold Lima sigh cake, which is the perfect sweet to accompany the cold weather of Cartago.

In the cafe you will be able to find something for all tastes from pastries, artisan dishes, sandwiches, and desserts to artisan coffee, from the own family’s brand; Bella Coffee

You can enjoy this delicious options directly in the cafe, however, you can also order different products such as sweet tables and main dishes.

Catering and Event Services:

Nono Coffee & Garden offers direct consumption at the cafe, but also has the option to order different products such as catering services, dessert tables, and products for any type of activity. Additionally, events such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and much more can be held within the cafe.

Nono was part of the open house held by our Nativu Cartago office in Navarro.

If you’re interested in requesting these types of services, you can do so here.

Despite the adversities, we have been able to get ahead thanks to the support of our family. The first pastry course I finished was a surprise gift from my parents and thanks to them and their hard work we have built a community that does things with love.

Cafeteria NonoIsabella Román, Nono Coffee & Garden

Get to know ‘Café Bella’, the family brand

Café Bella is an original coffee brand from Nono, created from the desire to offer a unique flavor to accompany food. Isabella worked with a colleague to create the blend with the perfect flavor, roast, and acidity. In the beginning, they did not have the idea of creating a brand but of making a coffee that they could serve and that was unique and special.

After several tests they arrived at what they were looking for: a medium roast, low acidity, and more aromatic flavor. Once it was ready, the customers did not stop asking for it and that is how they decided to launch the brand: Café Bella. 

The story of Nono Coffee & Garden definitely shows that with family support and perseverance, you can overcome anything and that a bad situation can become a great opportunity if we know how to take advantage of it.

The story of Café Bella was very organic. The acceptance from the people was what surprised us the most. Being a barista is one of the things that fills me the most and offering a local, unique, and special coffee allows us to leave a mark on each person who visits us.

Cafeteria NonoIsabella Román, Nono Coffee & Garden

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