Part of our manifesto at NATIVU is that we are the leaders of our own formation, and this is why this following article is aimed at real estate agents who are beginning their career and want to learn more. We’ve put together some advice for a real estate agent that we found not only great to learn, but also that they reflect our manifesto.

The Advice…

  • Constant Learning: This advice is not only for you agents, but everyone should take it into account. Continuing learning maximizes soft skills, expands knowledge, and thereby leads to new opportunities.
    Just because studying is not a paid job does not mean it is not a good investment. Part of wisely investing your time is that it must be used to build future knowledge and experiences.
  • Use of Resources: At NATIVU we believe in the responsible use of technology, which is to say that we do not let it consume our daily lives since nature also has a lot to offer, but we do use it to our advantage. In this case it can be related to the previous point, since with today’s technology we can listen to an audio book while we cook where we learn, or also listen to a podcast while we exercise.
    Time is a resource, technology too, knowledge is another. The key to maximizing these is learning to use them according to your goals and lifestyle without forgetting balance.
  • Presence: Online presence is something that is presented either on social networks and / or with your own website. Nowadays it is not so necessary to hire a programmer to design one for you, but you can use several platforms and do it yourself. (Use of resources + constantly learning combo!) Other important presences are being in the media, and in real estate events since through these you put your brand or you before the public.
  • Attitude, Order & Discipline: One must maintain a positive attitude, an order for work and discipline to do everything and more of what must be done daily. Your attitude should be transferred to your customers, because that helps the negotiation. And even more so by showing a house, because you are not only selling a property, but also giving a family a home, a “home sweet home“.
  • Skills of Negotiating: This skill is something that must be constantly polished … know when or not to be “intense”, listen to the other person, how to treat different types of people, build trust and in the end always come out with a situation that winning has been mutual. This point is intertwined with the first two, since with good resource management you can be in constant learning about the best negotiation techniques.
  • Support Network: If you are the owner of your own company then it is of utmost importance that you get a group of people to support and help you when there are those moments of demotivation. It is also important to have someone who already knows the business, such as a “mentor,” who can always extend a helping hand or wise advice in times of darkness. And if you work for a company and have a team, apply Resource Usage and build a solid foundation on which to grow. At NATIVU we say that: if you don’t know something ask, and listen carefully.

Our last advice for a real estate agent comes from Steve Jobs, Apple CEO: “The only way to do a great job is … to love what you do.” Do not forget that this new adventure like all has its ups and downs. But with help, knowledge, resources and a good attitude, you will be able to go as far as sales agents that have been around for many years. We all start somewhere, to get motivated!