Costa Rica is recognized worldwide for its actions in favor of the protection and care of the environment.  Playa Ostional, located in Guanacaste is the perfect example of an active community.

Locals have been educated about the protection and importance of turtles finding a safe place to lay their eggs. One of the main achievements has been that those who stole eggs for consumption, became experts who give tours and important information about the area and the natural phenomenon.

Ostional cares about the  protection of the ecosystem;  That is why the town has very little artificial light, so as not to scare the turtles and prevent them from returning to the sea. In addition, cleaning campaigns are constantly carried out  to prevent turtles from getting hurt on their way.

Is Ostional beach open to the public?

The answer is yes, visitors can go observe and learn about this great miracle;  As long as  it is done  with a local guide, because  some rules must be followed so as not to interfere with the turtles. For example:  do not speak loudly or  shout, do not take flash photos  or touch turtles.

What are the best dates to go see turtles?

During all months of the year it happens and sometimes up to twice a month, however being a natural process you can not be totally sure. It is an unpredictable process, but there are estimated dates for tourists to go.

Imagine seeing hundreds of turtles coming out of the sea and be able to enjoy a great sunset at the same time. In Playa Ostional you can witness the arrival of turtles, their birth and release.

It should be noted that Ostional is one of the most important beaches in the country, as it is estimated that more than half of the turtles that arrive  in Costa Rica do so on this beach. The most extraordinary thing is the variety of species. In the area you can see hawksbill, green, olive ridley turtles and even the leatherback, the largest turtle in the ocean. Being an area of great concurrence it became a Wildlife Refuge. 

Guanacaste is an area of tranquility and connection with nature. If you want to know about the investment opportunities we have available do not hesitate to contact our specialized advisors.