Retirement properties are those that are intended for an owner that has retired completely  or retired from regular work activities and is looking for a place to spend most of their free time now. These people can be: retired elderly people, people with companies that manage themselves and do not always have to work, or even foreigners who come to retire to another tropical country.

Retirement properties do not have strict parameters, that is, there is no textual definition of what a property of this type is or is not. Rather, they are generally properties that have benefits for the owner or beneficial qualities since they will spend their time in it, which we will list below …

Qualities of Retirement Properties

retirement properties
  • Nature / views – Generally you can find a quiet environment outside the city and more towards the areas full of nature, therefore many properties of this type are sought in mountainous areas or near the beach. And the views are a plus that we all want of course!

  • Good weather – this varies according to the taste of the person, as some may seek hot weather, some colder, others cool weather that is in between. This is discussed with the advisor who helps you search for the property.

  • Quiet area – in retirement properties it is important that they are surrounded by a quiet community, without much noise from cars or other people; and that it has all the comforts, services and amenities necessary for daily living.

  • Large / spacious garden – the benefit of having a large garden or plenty of land space is that it provides a lot of flexibility to be able to do many activities for entertainment: planting a garden, setting up a hammock for reading, walking, having a picnic, and much more!

This cozy property in the highlands of Grecia has all the features mentioned above, and at a spectacular price! Located in San Miguel de Grecia, it has a sunny climate but at the same time it has winds that cool you down because of the mountainous area. The property is spacious and has plenty of space to spend time and develop ideas, and it is also surrounded by lots of nature and full of trees. Besides that it has a unique quality, and that is that separated a few meters from the main house, there is a space that can serve as an office with a half bathroom, glass doors and plenty of natural lighting!

The finishes touches of both the house and the office are modern and all made of wood with a rustic style. The spaces of the main house are united so it is a perfect environment to share with the family when they are visiting, and it has two rooms and two bathrooms for the inhabitants of the home. It has the possibility of fiber optic internet, in addition to all the basic services already installed and working properly. It is the perfect retirement property!

This 7,351.25 m2 property with a charming cabin is located just 25 minutes from downtown Turrialba, in front of the street and easily accessible. The community of “Bajo” Alto Varas is characterized by its welcoming climate, beautiful views of the mountains, security and friendly people. The cabin has a rustic style with crafted ceilings, walls and corridor throughout the house. It has a single floor, with three bedrooms, a spacious bathroom, living-dining room and integrated kitchen.

The farm is constantly maintained and among other things it has three artificial ponds where freshwater fish such as trout, tilapia, guapote, etc. can be farmed. In addition, around the farm there are other infrastructures such as a ranch with a bathroom for activities of approximately 35 m2, cellars and a chicken coop. It has large green areas with ornamental plants and fruit trees from the area.

It has access to drinking water, electricity, telephone and internet.

This property, 10 minutes from the main street, is located in Tres Equis de Turrialba and thanks to this privileged location, it has warm and cool weather at the same time throughout the year. It is 25 minutes from downtown Turrialba and only 1 hour from the Caribbean.

The views of the mountains that make up the Coordillera de Talamanca are relaxing and invite you to enjoy very peaceful days surrounded by nature.

It is surrounded by well-kept gardens with various species of fruit trees. It also has a small concrete cabin with very good ventilation at the top of the walls. It has a fully equipped bathroom, a bedroom, a large kitchen and an open living room ideal for family and leisure activities that can also be used as a garage. It also includes a ranch with a picnic table and chairs, just right to spend the afternoon with a book or in the company of friends admiring the panoramic views of the mountains enjoying the fresh air.

The ideal property does not have a fixed mold, but the true ideal property adapts to the buyer and therefore will always change depending on the buyer. This property surrounded by nature with a house and two cabins is a property that suits many people! It can be perfect for a small family that wants to live in the mountains and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors, or it can also be perfect for a retired person or couple that wants to live quietly in the mountains but without being far from all the amenities necessary.

This land is located just one hour from San José, and also close to Turrialba and multiple natural tourist attractions. It also has all the services and internet of up to 10 megabytes! Another added value to this property is that it is an extensive lot of 3000 m²: with a spacious main house and two separate cabins surrounded by beautiful gardens. By having these additional cabins, the buyer can use them to generate additional income such as Airbnb or other options, taking advantage of the fact that it is located in a tourist area such as Turrialba. The main house is very spacious with a studio style design whose balcony is the ideal place for a peaceful reading or a quiet cup of tea. Its spaces are open since they were made to be shared socially, and more spaces can be made like this because the land has a lot of space available, it is an opportunity that cannot be missed!

At NATIVU we believe in living happily and investing wisely, and finding the perfect retirement property is a wise investment in living happily. If you are interested in retirement properties, our advisers will be happy to help you, so that you can find the perfect lot or house that has all the qualities mentioned above and that perfectly matches what you are looking for.