If you are planning on building in Costa Rica, it is important to consider some key factors to ensure the success of the project. Each stage is valuable to ensure a successful experience.

In this article, we will explore together with our real estate advisors, the most important considerations for building in Costa Rica:

The construction of a house can be a complex process due to various factors such as time, location, and budget. Choosing the right plot of land and construction company requires a search and filtering process that is crucial before getting started.

Collaborating with a real estate advisor can significantly simplify this process by providing guidance to make informed decisions.

Mauricio Castillo, Nativu Este Advisor

Why build instead of buying a house?

Building a custom home not only offers the opportunity to customize every detail to your preferences but can also result in benefits such as:

  • It can be customized for individuals with special needs or specific physical limitations.

  • You have complete control over the size of the house. This means you can tailor the space to your current and future needs.

  • Taking advantage of market trends and architecture.

  • You can create a customized design where the layout, materials, and finishes align with your preferences.

By building your home, you can take advantage of market trends in architecture and technology. With creative freedom, you have the unique opportunity to intelligently incorporate these trends and tailor your new home to your specific needs.

Key considerations

While building your own home offers a range of advantages and opportunities, it’s also crucial to consider the disadvantages that may come with this process:

  • Time and effort: From the initial planning to acquiring permits, overseeing construction, and addressing unforeseen challenges, this process can be demanding and may take longer than expected.

  • Budget: Changes in material prices, structural issues, weather, and other unforeseen factors can result in the final cost being 25% or more above the initial estimate.

  • Finding the ideal location: Finding a suitable piece of land can be a challenge. You may need to compromise certain aspects of your vision or adjust your expectations based on the availability of land.

  • Effects on property value: The construction of new homes near your property or development in your area can impact the appreciation of your investment.

How to determine if the property is suitable for construction?

Before starting the construction, it’s essential to ensure that the property is suitable for the project. Some of the steps to consider include:

Before acquiring a plot of land, it is essential to conduct thorough research, including assessing the topography, zoning analysis, determining the permitted construction percentage on the lot, and understanding land use. This pre-purchase and construction investigation is crucial for making informed decisions and ensuring a successful investment.

Building a property in Costa Rica is an excellent way to invest in the country’s real estate market. If you want to explore the best investment options, do not hesitate to visit our property portfolio.