Before making a decision, there is an analysis process that allows you to identify why? and for what? you are buying something. Being aware of this process will give you the ability to know when and how to intervene to motivate your client to make a decision.

Throughout this process, the client must have a good experience in order form him to come back or recommend you. This is why it is important to know every step of the way.

Identifying a necessity

A necessity is what incentives a purchase, it is the difference between reality and expectations. Depending on its nature, this necessities will have a hierarchy of importance when it comes to satisfaction and they can be physiologic or psychologic.

Our actions come from an specific motivation of fulfilling certain necessities, and they could be arranged by the level of importance they mean for our wellness.

Abraham Maslow

Pre purchase activity

Most of the time people tend to not satisfy their necessities immediately. Before making a decision, they gather information and experience. This process does not have and specific period of time because it depends on the thing they are buying.

Acquiring a property is a big investment and that is why the clients like to gather as much information as posible in order to analyze their options and conditions.

In real estate, it is important for the sellers to be part of this process for helping the client to make a decision. It begins with a perception and it could be by different means, such as: the internet, social network, publicity efforts or by recommendation.

In the knowledge process is where you should ensure the best experience for it to become a preference. Next step is when the client is fully convinced because of the service and information you provided and is sure of making the purchase.

Purchase decision

It consists of some factors that will depend on the good and they can change. For example: the price, paying method, time frame, date and some combination that complete the purchase.

It is important that in this step, you do not leave aside offering an excellent service and try to make the experience as pleasant as possible. In order to assure your client that he made the right decision.

Post purchase experience

In occasions, this step is taken for granted and it is very important. After the purchase has been made, you should check on your clients to see their level of satisfaction. This is where you measure the relation between expectations and performance.

This is an important feedback process, because depending on the level of satisfaction of your client you can keep actions or strategies that where effective or spot improvement opportunities.

For every real estate agent it is necessary to know the steps their clients go through before making a decision. This way you can provide effective solutions that will satisfy their needs. In Nativu we care about listening and understanding our clients, with the objetive of helping them to make decisions with purpose that will adapt to their lifestyle.

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