Have you ever considered buying a pre sale Lot or project?

Have you ever considered buying a property that is still in plans? Investing in a property when buying in pre-sale, that is to say that it is going to be built in the future, has a series of advantages that can help you save time and money.

  1. It allows you to have more competitive prices. You could save up to 15% of what that asset will be worth towards the end of the project once it is ready.
  2. In many cases buying in presale allows you to make to the property before it is already built. In thsi early stage of the project you have the chance to customize along with architects and engineers from finishing to distribution
  3. Another perk is that it allows you to find the best locations and characteristics of a project because you will have enough availability on the type of properties and apartments within the project. When you buy in presale the range of options is usually broader. Say, if you’d like a high floor for the view or a low floor to have a garden, or something closer to the common areas, it is more possible to find it early in the project’s marketing effort.
  4. If you do not have the economic means, these can be financed during a period of time while the property is under construction. Most projects will be ready in 12-18 months. This will allow you to have time to pay the developer on monthly payments. At the conclusion of this stage of the project, you can choose a bank loan, for example, to execute the balance payment.

These are some of the advantages that you can find when buying in presale.

If you are looking for a reliable guide to learn more about buying in presale, or the process of buying a residential project, consult NATIVU Advisor Irene Saravia, specialist in the areas of Escazú and Santa Ana. Buying in presale can be a good solution for your needs

Buying in presale can have many advantages if you have patience and are looking for more flexibility.