Buying a property on pre sale is an excellent investment opportunity, which may be of your interest. However, before any decision it is important to get information from reliable sources. For this reason, the Nativu team’s real estate advisor, Irene Saravia, offers the following recommendations.

  1. Research and Meet the Developer – Research and evaluate the developer’s track record and experience. Factors like the construction company and the suppliers they hire can give you valuable insight into the quality of your past projects. If possible, visit them to get an idea of ​​the line of work they handle and the attributes of the final goods.
  2. Choose a property and location that gives you security: it is essential that you feel certain and satisfied with the selected location.
  3. Review plans and permits: with the guidance of your real estate consultant, review the plans and that they meet your needs, as well as the legal requirements and permits from the municipality and the CEF, for earthworks and others .
  4. Make sure the project has a bank backing: To be comfortable investing your time and money, find out if the project has strong bank financing.
  5. Inspect details: It is recommended that together with an engineer, your advisor and the developer, finishes, water pressure and other details are checked, so that you are satisfied

With these tips you can feel safer and better backed to buy a pre-sale property. Similarly, you can consult NATIVU Advisor Irene Saravia, specialist in the areas of Escazú and Santa Ana.