When making a great decision we always have to take into consideration many important factors; among them one of the first is always the cost of making this new decision. If you are thinking of, or have already decided, to sell your property; we want to inform you about all the transaction costs that this new process will include for you as a seller. At NATIVU we are well informed about every aspect for the sale of a real estate property before, during and after the entire process, we’ll explain next:

Transaction Costs for the Seller

Sale Preparation Property preparation Mainteinance Promotion & Guideline Put a label
Cost to Offer Liberated Property Mortgages cancellation Territorial and municipal taxes Condo fees pending Company Tax
Legal Advisory Varies according to the owner’s need and access to legal service
Transfer Costs Timbres: approx. 1.3% Transfer tax: 1.5% Fees: staggered 1-2% Escrow: 0.25% or from $400
Commission for Real Estate Advisory % of the transaction value + IVA 5-10% + IVA
Capital Gain Tax Does not apply for the sale of primary residence 15% on the profit or, the first time after July 2019, 2.25% on the value of the sale Form D-162: Affidavit of Capital Gains and Losses Settlement in the first 15 calendar days of the following month
Side Expenses Possible property preparation costs para entrega Cost of cancellation of basic services Moving expenses
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For us it is very important that our clients are informed of all the costs associated with the sale of the property that they are going to make. This is why our advisors are qualified to answer all the questions that may arise regarding this and any other part of the sales process. In addition to that they will always inform you about these costs in a transparent way at each stage of the transaction. You just have to focus on investing wisely, and living happily!

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